EA's multiplayer FPS Battlefield 2042 is receiving some much-needed tweaks on its assault rifles and bloom due to fan complaints and requests. So far, the game has had a rough launch with its overwhelmingly negative reviews and gameplay issues. Still, developers promise two updates to fix those problems and improve the player experience.

DICE has been responsive to fans via Twitter who have demanded a change in Battlefield 2042's assault rifle and bloom performance. According to the players, the issue at hand is very noticeable as the bloom or bullet dispersion is way off, causing a lackluster gaming experience.


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The term bloom refers to the randomized dispersion or spread of bullets when firing an SMG or AR during a multiplayer FPS. However, the issue in Battlefield 2042's case is that the bloom seems to be over-exaggerated. A player could be aiming and firing directly at an opponent, but the likelihood of hitting their opponent is low. Bloom in Battlefield 2042 is arguably out of control compared to the more tamer version in its rival Call of Duty: Vanguard.


On Twitter, Florian "DRUNKKZ3" Le Bihan, one of DICE's leading designers, stated that "Dispersion/Spread/Bloom has been a thing in all past BF games, it's important for weapons variety and balance as well as creating value for attachments. It shouldn't be a problem unless it's too much or increasing too rapidly, which is the problem today that is being looked at". He also stated that changes have been made on their end in preparation for the following two updates, such as balancing hovercraft vehicles. However, there is no exact date on when those updates will commence, but expected "over the next 30 days".

Battlefield 2042 - Player destroys helicopter with Recoilless M5

Battlefield 2042 is suffering many issues, and bloom has been added to the list as another one of Battlefield 2042's bugs. To say the game has a rough launch is an understatement, as players are not pleased with the results so far. One way to help this situation while waiting for fixes is that players can look to the different weapons to see which are affected more than others. For example, the PP-29 is considerably one of the best weapons of Battlefield 2042 and seems not to be as affected by the bloom. Another option will be the SVK marksman rifle and the PKP-BP LMG if one isn't looking to use SMGs until the bloom issue is better.

Within this buggy hurricane, some players remain positive regarding their Battlefield 2042 experience as some things are going well, such as quick Battllefied 2042 leveling hacks and amazing graphics. Although the game has a rocky start, there's hope that the anticipated updates will help the title reach its full potential.

Battlefield 2042 is available on November 19 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: PCGamesN, GGrecon

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